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劇照 Film Still  | 赤道雨 The Red Rain on the Equator | 吳康豪 Nova Goh |

2010 | 馬來西亞 Malaysia | 彩色 Colour | 125 min



Every edition of NNFF includes the "History Re/Vision" series, in which we present films that highlight forgotten or overlooked historical and political events. This year's series continues to focus on Southeast Asia, and extends to the Indian subcontinent this year, with the screening of  "A Thin Wall." This film looks back at the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan and the historical scars that linger today, affecting national identity, religion, and class. Then we return to Hakka identity in the context of social and political movements across Asia, with a documentary on Lu Ho-jo, a Taiwanese writer and social activist of Hakka descent who lived during the time of the Japanese occupation.

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