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​被偷走的孩子 ABDUL & JOSÉ

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△ 2017 | 東帝汶 Timor-Leste | 彩色 Colour | 52 min

△ 導演 Directors |  魯伊齊·阿古易多 Luigi Acquisto、露德雷斯·皮列斯 Ludres Pires


2018 大洋洲國際紀錄片影展 International Oceanian Documentary Film Festival

2017 印尼日惹影展 Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival

△ 放映場次 Schedule ▎10.06 Sat. 16:00  ▎10.08 Mon. 19:00  ▎


70 年代印尼入侵東帝汶,帶走大量當地兒童從軍充當搬運工,造成東帝汶失落的一代。當時 9 歲的荷西,為躲避炸彈而與家人失散,隨後被印尼軍隊帶到了印尼。35 年後,已改名為阿布都的荷西成為了穆斯林,與來自爪哇的妻子及三名女兒落腳加里曼丹。對遠在東帝汶的家人來說,荷西已死去並按照傳統儀式安葬。然而在各方努力下,荷西與失散的家人得以再聚,並回到東帝汶進行「復生」儀式。然而荷西的歸來,不僅得面對新舊身份認同與記憶的衝突,還有歷史衝擊下對未來選擇的兩難……


During Timor’s brutal occupation by Indonesia, thousands of children were stolen, as were many of the country’s resources. This is ‘Jose’ Abdul Rahman’s story. In 1978, Jose, eight at the time, was hiding on Mount Matebian when a plane dropped a bomb, killing 22 of his family. He survived, fled, and was brought to Indonesia by the military in 1979. Thirty-five years later, an NGO reconnects Jose with his surviving family in Timor. He returns to Timor, wondering if a new life is possible there.


魯伊齊·阿古易多 Luigi Acquisto


意大利裔澳洲籍導演、製作人,1980 年代開始投入以反映社會正義為主的影像工作,第一部作品《稻草人》(Spaventapasseri) 以犀利觀點探討歐洲移民、迫遷與身份認同問題。1999年東帝汶獨立,開始拍攝製作東帝汶局勢相關影片。其中作品《東帝汶:一個國家的誕生》 (East Timor: Birth of a Nation,2002) 及《被販賣》(Trafficked,2005) 皆獲多部獎項。


Italian-born Australian director Luigi Acquisto started making films in the 1980s. His first production, "Spaventapasseri" was part of a new wave of movies exploring the experience of migration, displacement and identity in Australia. His work has earned wide critical acclaim, and includes the award-winning "East Timor - Birth of a Nation" (2002) and "Trafficked" (2005). Acquisto reported regularly for radio during the political crisis in East Timor in 2006, and following the attempted assassination of President José Ramos-Horta in 2008.


露德雷斯·皮列斯 Ludres Pires


出生於東帝汶,1975 年印尼入侵東帝汶,與家人逃難到澳洲。現為導演與製作人,作品多呈現東帝汶國家現況,2002 年與影像工作者魯伊齊·阿古易多 (Luigi Acquisto) 及史黛拉·詹瑪塔羅 (Stella Zammantaro) 合作拍攝《東帝汶:一個國家的誕生》。2017 年作品《被偷走的孩子》梳理印尼入侵東帝汶期間失落的一代。


Lurdes Pires has worked as a producer for 15 years on a number of significant and award winning films that have brought East Timorese stories to the world. She co-directed and co-produced "Abdul & Jose," which was broadcast in nine countries.

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