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劇照 Film Still  | 唐鋪 The Chiney Shop | 江明月 Jeanette Kong | 2012 | 牙買加 Jamaica | 彩色 Colour | 26 min



Which Way Home? This question is one theme of the New Narratives Film Festival, and relates to the Hakka in Taiwan and throughout the world. To reflect upon this, NNFF presents a series that opens with "Homelands," a film about British musicians retracing their roots in the Caribbean. The series also includes "Havana Divas," which tells the story of two Cuban-Chinese women who revived their dream of performing Cantonese Opera. We also put the spotlight on Hakka immigrants to Jamaica, with films by Jeanette Kong, and a screening of "The Story of Randy's," which tells a little-known story of a Hakka Chinese family's influence on the popularity of reggae music worldwide.

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