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劇照 Film Still  | 村民收音機 Village People Radio Show | 阿米爾·穆罕默德 Amir Muhammad |

2007 | 馬來西亞 Malaysia | 彩色 Colour | 72 min

價值崩解、混淆的年頭,科技將人類打造成新的物種,舊的信仰已消逝,新的尚未誕生。值此過渡時代,佇立在牆垣之間,我們該往哪裡去?資本主義海嘯般蔓延,是鞏固、抑或摧毀了族群、階級、政治與意識形態的邊界?從 1970 年代的泰國、2003 年的台灣、2007 年的美國,到當代的北韓乃至馬來西亞,不同時空背景下的歷史影像正提醒我們,曾經燃起的理想之火,不可熄滅。


With the sharp divisions and polarized politics of today, where do we go from here? In this series, "In Between Walls," we explore this question by focusing on the work of Malaysian director Amir Muhammad, with a screening of four films that look at the complex relationships between ethnic relations, class, and politics in his home country. We also consider the cost of capitalism in the films "Hara Factory Workers Struggle," "Factory," and "Made in LA," which present the struggles of workers in Thailand, Taiwan and the United States. On a lighter note, "Liberation Day" shows us how rock n' roll can thaw even the coldest of regimes, North Korea.

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