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New Narratives Film Festival: In Between Walls




△ 主視覺版畫,來自印尼左翼藝術團體 Taring Padi

Where do we go from here?

We live in a time where fundamental values of justice and equality are being challenged by extreme political polarization, ethnic division, and technology. Where do we go from here? The fourth annual New Narratives Film Festival seeks to  address this question with its series "In Between Walls," which features a wide range of documentary films from all over the world, focusing on Asia and the Hakka Chinese diaspora. This year's films cover diverse topics such as how a Hakka Chinese family helped to popularize reggae music around the world, the history of the communist movement in Malaysia, and India's transition to independence.

​△ Visual Design/Woodblock Print by Taring Padi (Indonesia)

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2016 NNFF 第二屆當代敘事影展「島影·島歌」

2017 NNFF 第三屆當代敘事影展「鳥在弦上」

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