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Birds on a Wire: An Evening of Protest Songs from Asia

◎ 時間:10/20(五)19:30(19:00 開放入場)

◎ 放映影片:桐潘(1977 | 泰國 | 60 min)★ 台灣首映

◎ 現場音樂:蘇拉猜.芽.卡拉凡、楊祖珺、林生祥、阿茲米.由諾

◎ Date and Time: 10/20 (Fri), 19:30, Open seating, doors open at 19:00

Opening Film: Tongpan (1977 | Thailand | 60 min) ★ Taiwan Premiere

◎ Live Music: Surachai ‘Nga Caravan’ Jantimathawn, tc yang, Lin Sheng Xiang, Azmyl Yunor

Films × Live Music × Theater

電影 × 音樂現場 × 劇場


Music and social change. Gender identity and youth. The traumas of living under a dictatorship. These themes are explored in the 2017 New Narratives Film Festival, not only in film, but also special performances and screenings. The festival kicks off with an opening event, “Birds on a Wire,” which features an evening of live music from four highly influential singer-songwriters in Asia. This year’s Special Screening is #BKKY, a documentary that looks at gender identity among youth in Bangkok, Thailand. Experimental theater and traditional puppetry come together for the closing performance, “Mwathirika / The Oppressor,”  a unique, one-off collaboration between the Papermoon Puppet Theatre of Indonesia and Taiwan’s own Flying Group Theatre. We hope all festival-goers will join us for this celebration of protest music, the unflagging spirit of youth and avant-garde expression that transcends pain and offers hope.   

開幕場 Opening Event

特映會 Special Screening


Bangkok Youth: Electronica, Skateboarding and Love

◎ 時間:10/27(五)19:30(19:00 開放入場)

◎ 放映影片:曼谷青春紀事(2016 | 泰國 | 75min)★ 台灣首映

◎ 現場DJ:DJ David Geer

◎ 影像片段:快板滑行

◎ Date and Time: 10/27 (Fri), 19:30, Open seating, doors open at 19:00

◎ Special Screening: #BKKY (2016 | Thailand | 75 min) ★ Taiwan Premiere

◎ Live Music:DJ David Geer

◎ Live Footage: Skateboarding

閉幕場 Closing Performance


Mwathirika / The Oppressor: An Experimental Work of Theater and Audio-Visual Narrative

◎ 時間:10/28(六)19:30(19:00 開放入場)

◎ 劇場演出:壓迫者

◎ 演出劇團:紙月亮偶戲劇場、飛人集社劇團

◎ 影像素材:東所

◎ Date and Time: 10/28 (Sat.), 19:30, Open seating, doors open at 19:00

Theater Performance: Mwathirika / The Oppressor

◎ Performers: Papermoon Puppet Theatre and The Flying Group Theater

◎ Film Footage: The Treasonists

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