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落地尋根  Who Are We, Here We Are

L H 顏雅迪.倪加拉  L H Aim Adi Negara


Born in Surakarta City, Indonesia, LH “Aim” Adi Negara lives and works as a filmmaker and sound recordist in Yogyakarta City. He graduated with a degree in Film and Television at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta. His film “Who We Are, Here We Are” is one of the first-ever efforts to explore the lives of people from the Pakistani immigrant community in Indonesia.

● 作品年表 Performances

2014《落地尋根》Who Are We, Here We Are

40 年代,印度斯坦穆斯林以商人或英聯邦士兵身份,來到獨立前的印尼群島。印度斯坦內戰分裂為印度與巴基斯坦以後,旅居者部分回到新建國的巴基斯坦,另一部分選擇留在印尼生根定居,而其後裔則為今日印尼境內的巴基斯坦族群。導演以影像梳理歷史脈絡,把焦點放在除華裔、阿拉伯裔和印度裔以外,較不被主流關注的巴基斯坦移民。然而宗教作為串起印巴文化聯結,巴基斯坦移民就如雨滴滲入印尼土地,自然而無痕跡。透過訪談、婚禮紀錄再現及家庭成員特寫,呈現巴基斯坦移民三代後裔的日常生活,他們如魚得水般融合印尼當地文化的同時,巧妙地保留自身的巴基斯坦文化。

This film tells the story of Pakistani immigrants in Indonesia. Pakistan was formed in 1947 after the partition of British India, which divided the region into two countries along religious lines. At the time of partition, there were Muslims in the British Indian Army who were stationed in Indonesia to fight against the Axis powers. After the war, they had the choice of returning to home to the new nation of Pakistan or to stay --  most went to their new home country, but some chose to remain in Indonesia.

The director interviews several of these Pakistani immigrants, and how three generations have blended into Indonesian society while maintaining ties with their motherland.

影片介紹 Synopsis 


◎ 2014 | 印尼 Indonesia | 27 min ★台灣首映 Taiwan Premiere

◎ 導演 Director | L H 顏雅迪.倪加拉  L H Aim Adi Negara

2014 Finalist, FFD Jogja 日惹紀錄片影展入圍

放映場次 Schedule

10/23(一)Mon. 17:00 /客家文化中心 3 樓放映室

10/28(六)Sat. 12:30 /客家文化中心 3 樓放映室

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