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他們的少女夢 To Be A Better Man

林曉宣  Lin Hsiao-hsuan

1976 年出生,畢業於台南女子技術學院視覺傳達系,曾任廣告公司美術設計師,客家電視台節目企劃、編導。投入紀錄片創作,拍攝主題廣闊,包括新住民、街友、第三性、罕見疾病等議題。目前除了拍攝紀錄片與節目製作外,也從事繪畫創作,嘗試用不同媒材的紀錄與創作來傳達對社會的關懷和尋找更好的社會之可能性。作品包含《她們的歌》(2005)、《神氣家族》(2007)、《海的另一邊》(2009)、《漂泊ing》(2009)、《他們的少女夢》(2014)。

Born in 1976, Lin Hsiao-Hsuan worked in advertising design before delving into the world of documentary film. Her first foray into filmmaking started through a Hakka Affairs Council training program, and she later worked at Hakka TV as a program producer and writer. Hsiao-hsuan is interested in social issues and underreported topics such as Taiwan’s “new immigrants,” homelessness and transgender persons. Her background as an illustrator has also led to experimentation with various visual media in her films, which include “Their Songs” (2005), “Drifting” (2009) and “To Be a Better Man” (2014).

● 作品年表 Performances

2005《她們的歌》Their Song

2007《神氣家族》God Family

2009《海的另一邊》On the Other Side of the Sea


2014《他們的少女夢》To Be A Better Man

三位年齡相當,生長背景迵異,來自不同族群的男孩,共同特點是都愛打扮成女孩。Kiwe 是從小父母離異的福建人;彭妹是家庭互動冷漠的客家人;糖糖則是部落指日可待的頭目長子,他們正處高中、大學階段,還在恣意揮霍青春,對婚姻懷有夢想,懵懵懂懂的年紀,家庭與社會對他們已有各自不同的期待。本片記錄三位男孩,探詢他們喜愛扮女裝的原因,看他們暢遊女裝身體,有開心自在,也有挫折傷害;捕捉他們魅惑女裝下,對性向的自我理解與定義;走進家庭深處,聆聽彼此的聲音。在穿/脫女裝之間,三位男孩坦率吐露心聲,帶我們進入跨性別青年的真實國度。

“To Be a Better Man” profiles three young men of different upbringings and ethnic groups, but who share a few things in common: they are nearly the same age, they are all close to graduating from high school, and they like to dress as females. We meet “Kiwe,” a Hoklo-Taiwanese whose parents split up when he was very young; “Sister Peng” comes from a Hakka family whose members show virtually no affection for one another; “Tang Tang” is an Aboriginal who bears the expectations and burdens of being the eldest son in the family. Dressing up as female, the boys feel their happiest and most free, but still suffer from rejection and are forced to grapple with the expectations of mainstream society. In the film, they speak directly about their lives and what it’s like to be a transgender youth in today’s Taiwan.

影片介紹 Synopsis 

▌導演介紹 Director

◎ 2014 | 台灣 Taiwan | 85 min

◎ 導演 Director | 林曉宣  Lin Hsiao-hsuan

2014 Women Make Waves Film Festival 台灣國際女性影展入圍

放映場次 Schedule

► 10/25(三)Wed. 14:00 /家文化中心 3 樓放映室

► 10/27(五)FrI. 15:40【導演映後座談 Director Q&A】林曉宣  Lin Hsiao-hsuan /客家文化中心 3 樓放映室

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