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東所 The Treasonists

林家民 Lin  Jiaming

1984 年出生於台北,27 歲時進入世新大學廣電系,目前攻讀北京電影學院導演碩士,自由影像工作者。《東所》是他在世新大學時的畢業作品,題材受父親與祖父分別因政治迫害被關的經驗影響,而選擇講述 1950 年代台灣白色恐怖時期故事。林家民自 2015 年底開始,投入拍攝紀錄片《尋覓李雙澤》。

Director Lin Jia-ming (b. 1984) made “The Treasonists” as a graduation project at his alma mater Shi Hsin University. For the film, he drew from the experiences of his father and grandfather, who both suffered political persecution during the White Terror era. He is currently studying directing at the Beijing Film Academy.

● 作品年表 Filmography


2015 《東所》The Treasonists

1950 年,韓戰爆發,白色恐怖開始。大學助教民先因參與左派思想讀書會而被逮捕,拘禁在台北市青島東路的軍法局,即台灣政治史上所熟知的「東所」。民先在裡頭結織了醫師除偉、記者劉仁信、退役軍人顧立中及其他政治犯,聽他們侃侃而談。一天清晨,立中遭到了槍決,原本受審訊威脅,內心搖擺不定的民先,陷入更深的煎熬與罪惡‧‧‧‧‧‧。本片是世新大學林家民導演畢業作品,首度執導便選擇台灣導演鮮少碰觸的沈重題材,以豐富的舞台感與風格化的燈光,散發強烈劇場格局,嘗試還原早期白色恐怖氛圍。

“The Treasonists” looks at the lives and experiences of political prisoners in Taiwan of the early 1950s. This was the beginning of the White Terror period, when martial law was declared in Taiwan by the Chinese nationalists, the Kuomintang, who took over governance from the Japanese after World War II. The general mood in Taiwan had been hopeful after the Japanese surrender, but that sentiment quickly gave way to fear and despair after the Kuomintang forces started to arrest intellectuals and anyone else perceived to engage in “leftist thought.” The film recreates interrogation scenes from inside a notorious police station in Taipei called “Dongsuo” (lit. the East Office).

影片介紹 Synopsis 

▌導演介紹 Director

◎ 2015 | 台灣 Taiwan | 32 min

◎ 導演 Director | 林家民 Lin  Jiaming

2015 Jury Prize, Asia University Film Festival


放映場次 Schedule

► 10/29(日)Sun. 10:30/客家文化中心 3 樓放映室

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