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山中美姬 The Beauties in the Mountain

李柔、李蓉真、李昀倩  Three Lees

李柔、李蓉真、李昀倩,三位畢業於政大傳播學程,組成「無三不成李」劇組。關注性別界線議題,一同拍攝畢業製作《山中美姬》,講述台東原住民的跨性別生命歷程,捕捉他們內心真實幽微的感受,入圍 2015 年台灣國際女性影展。

Lee Juo, Lee Yong-jen and Lee Yun-chien, who were classmates at the College of Communications at National Chengchi University, make up the film production collective “Three Lees.” Primarily concerned with gender issues, the trio made “The Beauties in the Mountain” to look at the lives of several transgender indigenous people. The film was first screened at the Women Make Waves Film Festival in Taiwan in 2015.

● 作品年表 Performances

2015《山中美姬》The Beauties in the Mountain


In this dramatized documentary from Thailand, Jojo is a 17-year-old girl who becomes close with another girl her age, Q. Their relationship, which evolves into a romance, becomes complicated as Jojo starts to worry about what her strict father will think. Adding to the confusion, she also finds herself attracted to skater dudes Jeff and Jasper, who she meets while in college. Interspersed throughout the film are snippets of interviews conducted with 100 Bangkok teenagers of diverse gender identities, who share personal experiences about their coming of age.

影片介紹 Synopsis 


◎ 2015 | 台灣 Taiwan | 39 min

◎ 導演 Director | 李柔、李蓉真、李昀倩 Three Lees

2015 Women Make Waves Film Festival 台灣國際女性影展入圍

放映場次 Schedule

► 10/25(三)Wed. 14:00 /客家音樂戲劇中心 2 樓劇場

► 10/29(日)Sun. 14:10 /客家音樂戲劇中心 2 樓劇場

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