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蚊子報特寫 Portraits of Mosquito Press

路易.波戈斯 J. Luis T. Burgos

菲律賓獨立電影工作者、視覺藝術家,堅定的人權擁護者,父親為提倡媒體自由的抗爭人士,曾因此入獄;哥哥是農夫與社會運動家,2007 年被國家強行帶走後從此不知去向。路易波戈斯以藝術鼓舞人們加入追尋正義的行列,作品包括關於哥哥的紀錄短片《The Unheard Voice》(2013);菲律賓藝術與文化的《Art Republik》(2012);網路自由權《Cybercrime Law》(2012)與人權主題的《EDSAngandaan》(2011)、《Defintion #1》(2007)等。目前是菲律賓倡導人權的紀錄片組織 Film Weekly 領導者。

JL Burgos is an independent filmmaker and visual artist from the Philippines. He started to focus on human rights after his brother Jonas, a farmer and activist, was abducted in 2007 and has not been seen since. Burgos views the abduction as an act of state terrorism, which is depicted in his film "The Unheard Voice" (2013). He also heads Film Weekly, a documentary film group that covers human rights in the Philippines.  

● 作品年表 Filmography


2007 Definition #1

2011 EDSAngandaan

2012 Cybercrime Law

2012 Ang Kaso

2012 Art Republik

2013 The Unheard Voice

2014 Eskinita

2015 《蚊子報特寫》Portraits of Mosquito Press

菲律賓歷史上獨裁暴力、貪污腐敗的馬可仕(Ferdinand Marcos)政權時期,也是菲律賓媒體史最黑暗的時代,凡是批評政府的媒體人無不被監禁或打壓至沉默。可是查禁媒體無法阻止自由發聲的渴望,荷西波戈斯(Jose "Joe" Burgos Jr.)與妻子艾迪塔(Edita)召集優秀勇敢的編輯,在最艱難的時刻不畏懼發行小眾另類報刊 We Forum。刊物被馬可仕總統嗤之以鼻,嘲諷為「蚊子媒體」,但蚊子的叮咬卻是致命的,因為它說出真實,讓人們得以在幽暗中窺見一絲光亮。本紀錄片由荷西波戈斯的兒子拍攝,身處於媒體世家,他發揮近距離觀察的優勢,記錄父親與其團隊發行刊物的過程,從馬可仕的輕忽到嚴厲抨擊,看媒體與掌權者間永恆的抗爭,也讓我們一瞥獨裁時期媒體史缺漏的一頁。

This film looks back at the dark days for the Philippine press during the dictatorship rule of Ferdinand Marcos. The media was strictly controlled by the state, and government critics were routinely jailed or silenced. Director JL Burgos tells the story of his parents, Jose "Joe" and Edita, who risked their lives by publishing an alternative newspaper called We Forum. The paper, which earned street credibility for its exposes on government abuses of power, angered Marcos, who coined the term "Mosquito Press" to deride his critics. The film presents the recollections of former staff from We Forum, who recount stories of harassment, arrests and raids during Marcos' rule. JL Burgos depicts his family today as still abiding by the newspaper's slogan "to live and seek the truth and share a common vision."

影片介紹 Synopsis 

▌導演介紹 Director

◎ 2015 | 菲律賓 Philippines | 54 min ★台灣首映 Taiwan Premiere

◎ 導演 Director | 路易.波戈斯 J. Luis T. Burgos

2015 Nominated for Best Documentary Film, Gawad Urian


2016 Salaya Doc.


2016 Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival


放映場次 Schedule

► 10/22(日)Sun. 20:20 /客家文化中心 3 樓放映室

► 10/29(日)Sun. 10:30 /客家文化中心 3 樓放映室

影片預告 Teaser 

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