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千絲萬縷 A Million Threads

杜篤嫻 Thu Thu Shein

獨立影像工作者,1983 年出生於緬甸仰光,畢業於緬甸國立藝術文化大學電影與戲劇系。《千絲萬縷》為她的第一部紀錄片作品。2010 年獲得赴捷克進修,同年與丹麥導演凱特琳.費爾普共同製作紀錄短片《暮色降臨》(5 Beats Before Death,2010),描述一群等待生命走至終點的年邁緬甸女性。2011 年共同創辦緬甸史上第一個影展「Wathann 電影節」。2013 年創立「三樓映像」(Third Floor Production),以製作人身份協助緬甸獨立影像工作者們創作多部與社會事件相關影片。

Thu Thu Shein started to make documentary films in 2005, after graduating from the National University of Arts and Culture in Myanmar. In 2010, she received a scholarship to attend a Masters Program in Cinema and Digital Media at FAMU International in the Czech Republic. Together with her husband Thaiddhi, she founded the Wathann Film Festival in 2011, the very first film festival in Myanmar, where she serves as director. She also co-founded Third Floor Production in 2013, where she mainly acts as producer. Thu Thu is also currently working on her own film projects as director and producer.​

● 作品年表 Performances

2006《千絲萬縷》A Million Threads

2010 《暮色降臨》5 Beats Before Death

2010 Flash

2011 Nights

2011 The Lady, A Sheet of Records

2012 The River

2014 Unity in Diversity

緬甸前首都仰光勃生堂鎮(Pazundaung),每年十一月的光明節,雪蓬屏佛寺(Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda)舉辦黃袍紡織競賽。參賽的三十位女性編織者,必須在日落以前,以手工紡織機織出最好的金黃色布匹,在黎明破曉前製成袈裟獻給佛祖,以紀念釋迦牟尼的養母幻化夫人一天之內織出長袍給佛陀的傳說。此片為導演杜篤嫻的首部紀錄短片作品,簡潔明快的剪輯手法,鏡頭特寫編織者以無暇停歇的疲憊四肢,在人群的歡呼聲及現場傳統鼓樂的躁動下,奮力地操作著手工織布機。汗水交織著興奮與專注,只盼能先拔頭籌,以手中的精緻布匹奪得評審們的青睞,也讓虔誠的心靈獲得昇華。

Every year on a full moon night in November, thirty women gather at Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda, in the Pazundaung district of Myanmar’s former capital Yangon, to take part in a competition known as "Matho Thingan." Their task is to weave the finest robes possible for the temple’s Buddha statues. Cheered on by large crowds and an orchestra of pulsating drums and high-pitched oboes, these teams of dedicated female competitors work the handlooms back and forth in a frenzy, achieving a feat that harkens back to Buddha’s own foster mother, Gautami, who is said to have woven her son a robe in a single day.

影片介紹 Synopsis 


◎ 2006 | 緬甸 Myanmar | 15 min

◎ 導演 Director | 杜篤嫻 Thu Thu Shein

2008 Vision du Réel 瑞士真實影展

2011 Signes de Nuit 法國巴黎夜之跡國際影展

放映場次 Schedule

► 10/23(一)Mon. 14:00 /客家文化中心 3 樓放映室

► 10/26(四)Thur. 16:20 /客家文化中心 3 樓放映室

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