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富田克也 Katsuya Tomita | 2011 | 日本 Japan | 彩色 Colour | 167 min

★ 2011 法國南特三大洲電影節熱氣球金獎

★ 2012 布宜諾艾利斯國際電影節

★ 2012 高雄電影節

△ 放映場次 Schedule

▎10.06 TUE. 14:45  ▎10.10 SAT. 14:30  ▎




This indie docu-fiction film covers a topic often ignored in Japanese society and culture: the multi-ethnic, working-class people in the country who have borne the brunt of the recent economic recession. Director Katsuya Tomita, a truck driver by profession, portrays life in his down-and-out hometown of Kofu, which has populations of Thai, Japanese-Brazilian, and Filipino immigrants. 36-year-old Seiji is a laborer who falls for a Thai hostess working in a bar. His friend Hosaka just got back from Thailand, where he had a brush with the law over drugs. They befriend Takeru, an aspiring hip-hop artist whose parents are gambling addicts. The three often gather at a bar for migrant workers. Takeru's growing hostility towards immigrants spills into tensions between two local hip-hop communities: Japanese-Brazilians on one hand and nationalistic Japanese on the other. The film's characters, many of them played by real-life workers from Kofu, are united by a shared sense of "Saudade," a Portugese word describing a kind of yearning and longing.

導演 Director | 富田克也 Katsuya Tomita


Katsuya Tomita (b. 1972, Kofu, Japan) financed his first film, "Above the Clouds" (2003) by working as a construction worker and a truck driver. Tomita's experience as part of Japan's working class has informed his other films, including "Saudade" (2011), a story about Japan's rarely discussed multi-ethnic communities, which was made with the help of childhood friends and amateur actors in Kofu. The film was shown at Locarno International Festival and won the Golden Montgolfière Award at the Festival des 3 Continents in France.

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