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New Narratives Film Festival

Poetry as a Mirror

| 2020.10.02 FRI. — 10.11 SUN. |


在國與國、家與家、身體與身體之間,以各種物件阻斷—拒馬、圍籬、口罩,敵人以肉眼看不見、聽力無法探測的身形大張旗鼓地攻地,在我們未曾有過的恐慌與孤寂之間,詩人的預言 如鏡像般,一幕幕地流動。




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As we prepare this year's New Narratives Film Festival, it feels like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel has disappeared completely. The Covid-19 crisis has amplified a growing sense of panic and isolation around the world. Country to country, home to home, body to body -- every conceivable object in existence is now cordoned off by barriers, fences, masks. Worse yet, we can barely comprehend the source of this crisis. With the naked eye, we cannot see the world's latest and greatest enemy. With the ear, we cannot hear it attack the body. 


In these unprecedented times, poets can offer some solace. But the vision of the poet can also be extremely unsettling. This makes now, more than ever, the time for us to realize the ability of her work to prophesize --  to place a stark mirror in front of us and show us who we were, who we are, and who we will be.     


This year's NNFF, planned in the quiet space of this current moment, offers an opportunity: to let poets ignite a small flicker of light in this darkened tunnel, and to let us, through their work, take stock of the past and present, and of what possibly lies ahead.

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