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Advancing Like a Shadow


黃鴻儒 Huang Hong-ru | 2015|台灣 Taiwan|彩色 Colour | 95 min

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▎10.07 WED. 16:45  ▎



Advancing Like a Shadow is a profile of the 60-year-old Hakka dramatist and former journalist Chung Chao, one of many social activists who deeply influenced Taiwan’s now-vibrant democracy. Through interviews and historical footage, the film looks at Chung’s life over the past 30 years, from when he started as a writer to his work in theater today. One aspect looks at Chung’s struggle to reconcile his personal beliefs with the achievements of the 1980s student pro-democracy movement in Taiwan. As the film’s director Huang Rong-ru writes, “As Taiwan thoroughly embraced capitalism in the 1980s and 90s, Chung found himself criticizing this direction as a left-wing cultural figure; at the same time, he had to learn to co-exist with the new reality. This caused him to fall into a crack. Like the shadow of a crooked body, he had to fight the notion within that his ideals were falling into depravity. Then he had to fight an ever-twisted world encroaching from the outside.”

導演 Director | 黃鴻儒 Huang Hong-ru



Huang Hung-ru is a writer for Hakka TV and a producer for children's programming at the station. After studying psychology at National Taiwan University, he directed and produced children's programming for Taiwan's Public Television Service, winning awards for his work on the shows "Sailboat Traveling at Night" and "Below 40 Degrees."  "Advancing Like a Shadow" is Huang's first full-length documentary, which represents a new .

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