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2018 Migration Music Festival,

Invites Public to See the Stories of the City

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The Migration Music Festival is an indie music festival in Taiwan that is focus on folk songs, which is rooted in the worlds’ some contemporary issues. Since its inception in 2001, the festival has been leading the fans to going out of the comfort circle across the cultural boundaries. This year, the “2018 MMF Mini Wander” with a theme of “who’s that singing folk songs?” is inviting 3 cities musicians; from Surabaya (Indonesia), Meinong (Taiwan), and Taiwan-abroad (US/UK/Taiwan). Through the music, they are trying to tell the modern generation of migration about the reflection of the environmental issues and some questions about ourselves.


In 2014, Mini Migration Music Festival was established. Since that time, every 2 years, the Migration Music Festival specially holds the “2018 MMF Mini Wander” in order to make people return to a simple small music stories’ gatherings. It invites 1 to 3 groups to sing and share the stories of the songs and about the land issues. This year, the festival invites duo from Surabaya (Indonesia) that namely Silampukau, Taiwanese Hakka singer, Huang Weijie (黃瑋傑), the “foreigners” group; The Muddy Basins Ramblers who eventually took their roots in Taipei to participate in the show performance.


Beside to enjoy the performances of 3 group musicians who will sing their cities’ songs, Silampukau also will share their stories to the audiences, how to write some poetic lyrics from the stories that they heard in the café, singing about Surabaya’s daily life issues that not everyone know about it well.


David Chen, the members of The Muddy Basins Ramblers being the soul of the storyteller role. With some dual cultural background they examine the stories. Through own character and creation, with the story in the context of the time and spaces, it becomes the lyrics in retro aesthetic music.


If you have an interest on Silampukau, Huang Weijie (黃瑋傑), and The Muddy Basins Ramblers, you might heard their music through


Starting from Saturday, September 15, 2018, there will be 4 talk seminars and 2 folk music scenes that invite all to come and hear the city stories, the land, moreover the stories of you and me. For more detail information, please go to the “2018 MMF Mini Wander” official website.

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