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鍾適芳 CHUNG Shefong




1993年創立台灣獨立音樂廠牌「大大樹音樂圖像」,自此成為台灣獨立音樂的重要推手,她不僅系統引介國內外民族音樂,也是林生祥、檳榔兄弟、雲力思、羅思容等台灣獨立樂手的製作人。2001年她創辦「流浪之歌音樂節」,以專業性和高水準的製作,開啓台灣新一波耳朵革命。沖繩三弦大師平安隆、馬利音樂巨擘阿比科提、圖瓦天團Yat-Kha、吉普賽音樂代表樂團Taraf de Haidouks和Alom都是音樂節座上賓,音樂節至今已邁入第十一屆,擔任多年音樂節義工主持的歌手萬芳,稱讚鍾適芳擁有「台灣最厲害的耳朵」。



CHUNG Shefong founded Trees Music and Art, a folk and root music label, in 1993. Trees Music and Art ( collaborates with artists with similar mind and vision in producing quality music, and has developed to be one of the few indie music labels celebrating independent music yet growing internationally. A number of the records she has produced under the label receive critical acclaim and awards from Taiwan and abroad. In 2001, Chung started Migration Music Festival, an annual music festival organized around the theme of “migration”, with the aim to provide a platform for integrating music and cultural issues, and sound experiments. Chung has also been commissioned to curate and produce music festivals in various regions/ counties in Taiwan.
Chung currently teaches at the College of Communication of the National Cheng-chi University (NCCU), and is acting as the director of the NCCU Art and Culture Center. She also initiated the Popular Music & Culture Curriculum at NCCU, the first university curriculum in Taiwan to invite collaborations between academics and pop music industries.

In 2011, she made her first trip to India, which has brought her to continue a journey on documentary filmmaking. In 2013, she has completed her first documentary film From Border to Border on Indian Chinese community with a team of Taiwanese, German, Indian, and Indonesian artists and crew members.

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