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Island in Focus: Cheung Chau

These films were made by aspiring filmmakers in Hong Kong through a program by arts group Visible Record. Since 2013, Visible Record has held an annual master class in documentary film, in which participants have 8 days to complete a short film. These films focus on two island communities in Hong Kong.

◎台灣首映 Taiwan premiere|本場次與香港「采風電影有限公司」合作。
    This portion of the festival is held in cooperation with Visible Record

1.華哥  Brother Wah

李鐵成 Li Tiecheng    
2013 | 香港 Hong Kong | 9 min


Brother Wah's newspaper stand is a fixture on the Tai-O wharf. It's where people leave messages for others and chat. It's where tourists get information. Brother Wah starts his day at 2am, and it's been this way for several decades.

◎ 放映場次:10/24 1230  | 10/26 1230

2.輝哥  Uncle Fai

陳巧真 Chan Hau Chun    
2013 | 香港 Hong Kong | 6 min


On the island of Cheung Chau in Hong Kong, "Uncle Hui" runs a Chinese-style chiropractic clinic during the day. At night, he sells rice noodle rolls, working until late at night. Among the locals, he is considered a legend.

◎ 放映場次:10/24 1230 | 10/26 1230

3.麗新電髮  The Hair Salon

葉偉平、王偉健 Yip Wai Ping, Wong Wai Kin    
2013 | 香港 Hong Kong | 12 min


Inside Uncle Chen waves his scissors around while chatting about the latest gossip in town, and whatever else comes to mind. 

◎ 放映場次:10/25 1230  | 10/28 1230

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