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Seredew​ 桑梅絹

/台灣排灣 Taiwan Paiwan

桑梅絹來自屏東三地門鄉青山部落 (Cavak),排灣族。Seredew,是母親為她取的名字,是「渲染」的意思。



Hailing from Pingtung County in southern Taiwan, Seredew is an educator and singer deeply versed in the music of her native Paiwan indigenous ancestry.  Her name, chosen by her mother, means "to adorn and enhance." As the number of people who speak the Paiwan language is decreasing rapidly among younger generations, Seredew is considered as a vital link to Paiwan tradition for her knowledge of both the language and the traditional songs of her tribal elders. Her 2017 album, "Infectious" earned her the Best Aboriginal Singer accolade at the Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan's highest musical honor.


● 9.28 SAT 



From the Arctic to the Islands of the South

03:00PM | 

臺北市中山堂光復廳 Guangfu Auditorium, Zhongshan Hall

△ 樂人 | 阿希瓦、桑梅絹

△ Musicians | Aasiva, Seredew



Paiwan Ballads: Memories from the Cradle

09:30PM | 

臺北市中山堂光復廳 Guangfu Auditorium, Zhongshan Hall

△ 說故事人 | 桑梅絹

△ Storyteller | Seredew

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