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Her instrument, her world



SAT. 14:30  中山堂光復廳

王榆鈞 Yujun Wang|台灣


Inês Vaz|葡萄牙


SUN. 14:30  中山堂中正廳

流浪合作計劃2017|MMF Project 2017

嬉鳥樂集Songbirds Collective|加/美/英 


|泰國  Thailand

大提琴手YUI(本名Saowakhon Muangkruan)來自泰國南部。雖受古典大提琴訓練,她演奏的是從社會議題、自身經驗取材而來,緩慢而沉痛的拉弓,搭配散文詩一般的念白、吟唱,在效果器的加成下讓樂句多層次開展。


她的音樂抒發著濃厚的情感與戲劇張力,跨越大提琴獨奏的既定印象,是泰國音樂圈內少見的跨領域當代樂人,也因此經常受邀進行跨領域展演,例如藝廊開幕。YUI也曾受邀參加多場國際音樂節,如曼谷的Y2K14 International Looping Festival、2015年於日本舉辦之Asian Meeting Festival,以及新加坡的FEN 2015。

Yui-Saowakhon Muangkruan is a cellist from Nakhonpathom, Thailand, who leans on unconventional approaches to tell stories through her music. As one might expect of a classically trained musician, Yui displays a deft technique on her instrument, all while singing and delivering spoken word soliloquies. She describes her work as taking inspiration from societal matters and personal experience. Her sonic palette also draws from a wide range of sources, whether it's layers of electronic loops or rhythmic techniques, to create a deep, open space for her stories to blossom.  

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