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I'm Not in My Room






I am walking my own path -- Poetry is my language -- In this posture, I'm ready to dance -- I improvise with spilled ink -- I sing high -- I sing low -- I sing in a theater called "life"


"I'm Not in My Room" is the theme of the 15th Migration Music Festival, as we spotlight the creative journeys and stories of contemporary female musicians.


Virginia Woolf said that "a room of one's own" was a necessity for women writers to flourish. We now ask: why settle for just a room?


This year MMF is proud to host artists who “left their rooms” behind to make stirring, innovative music. These performers hail from Canada, Norway, Portugal, Somaliland, Sweden, Thailand, the UK and the US.


We welcome all to enjoy to a diverse program that includes music inspired by women songwriters of the medieval era, a vocal trio searching for new expressions within their indigenous tradition, a cellist pushing her instrument to new heights, and songwriters from the Anglo-American singer-songwriter tradition.

我不在房間 預告片
15th Migration Music Festival
I'm Not in My Room-Trailer

Venue |  Taipei Zhongshan Hall, AMA Museum, Yongkang and Chingtien Neighborhood





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