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This land is our land



SUN. 19:00  中山堂廣場

本場次不售票 Free Admission


巴奈  Panai Kusui 

|台灣 Taiwan



At the moment, there is no singer-songwriter in Taiwan with a greater sense of urgency than indigenous artist and activist Panai Kusui. For more than 200 days, Panai has led a sit-in on Ketegalan Boulevard, the site of the country’s Presidential Office, to protest a law that allows corporations to own and use sacred indigenous land. The Puyuma/Amis singer’s tenacity and determination shows both in her activism and her music. Over the years, Panai has led several major grassroots campaigns in her home of Taitung on Taiwan’s southeast coast, which include a nationwide movement to stop the storage of nuclear waste in the region. At the same time, Panai has established herself as one of the most beloved and compelling folk singers on the island, with a string of albums showcasing her keen storytelling skills and unforgettable voice. 

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