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A troubadour's sojourns



FRI. 19:30  臺北中山堂中正廳


Kyrie Kristmanson|加拿大

Lula Pena|葡萄牙

Lula Pena

|葡萄牙   Portugal

出身於里斯本,身為唱作人與詩人的Lula Pena藏身於吉他後,以獨特的低沈嗓音把玩不同的靈感,在樂類的邊界遊走。Lula的音樂自然摻入草根民謠「法朵」的色彩,融有法國香頌、非洲維德角民族音樂、巴西波莎諾瓦等風格,用最純粹的吉他彈奏與歌聲演繹詮釋。


Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, Lula Pena blends her fado roots with French Chanson, Cape Verdean morna and bossa nova to create deeply stirring music. The poet, singer, and guitarist first won acclaim for her 1998 album "Phados," an unique amalgam of styles that established her as an exciting contemporary singer-singwriter. Her rich, deep voice conveys passion and pain of her personal journeys on 2010's aptly-titled "Troubadour," which was praised by PopMatters as a "stark, haunted take on fado."  


As a troubadour, Lula has her fair share of stories of tell, whether its about her sojourns to Mediterrnean ports or playing for King Mohammed V of Morocco. As for her songwriting, she believes in taking her time, saying that "velocity is inhuman" and describing her music as "a work that builds inside out -- trying to figure out human technology."

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