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Excavator of stories, modern and medieval



FRI. 19:30  臺北中山堂中正廳


Kyrie Kristmanson|加拿大

Lula Pena|葡萄牙



SUN. 14:30  臺北中山堂中正廳

流浪合作計劃2017|MMF Project 2017 
嬉鳥樂集Songbirds Collective|加/美/英 

Kyrie Kristmanson




Kyrie Kristmanson is a Canadian singer/songwriter, trumpet player, guitarist and scholar of medieval music. She began composing at a young age, touring the Canadian Folk Festival circuit as a teenager and won Best Young Performer’s Award at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2008 and the Colleen Peterson Award for song writing in 2009.


After releasing her album "Origin of Stars" for the Paris label NØ FØRMAT! in 2010, Kyrie became interested in the music of the trobairitz, female troubadours in Southern France during the 12th and 13th centuries. This prompted her to study medieval music at la Sorbonne, where she wrote a master's thesis devoted to the forgotten melodies of the trobairtiz. This work inspired and informed her latest album, "Modern Ruin" (2015). 

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